Houston foundation repair service
Houston foundation repair service
Houston foundation repair service
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Here at JG Civil Contractors, Inc. we offer a wide variety of Texas construction equipment and services. We specialize in pipe rack construction and have worked with many large pipe yards in the Houston area satisfying their specific needs for ground preparation and foundation repair in Houston

Houston Foundation Repair and Construction Services

Companies who operate with heavy machinery on their site on a daily basis are typically customers of ours. For example, pipe yards have heavy forklifts and 18 wheelers, loaded with pipe, on their property, in and out, every day. Over time, the ground becomes weak and unstable which causes wash outs from rain; the ground will eventually hold water, or cause large pot holes. This is not only a problem for your business but it can be dangerous to those within the work area. JG Civil Contractors specializes in fixing all these problems, guaranteed! What makes us different from other companies is we find the root of the problem and repair the ground from there. Other construction companies will suggest hauling in a few loads of material, fill in the wash out or low spot and be done. This is only a temporary fix. JG Civil Contractors will never recommend doing that. Customers will not only have wasted their time and money, but the problem will still be there.​

By hiring JG Civil Contractors to fix your ground stabilization issues or drainage problems, your company can rest assured knowing the heavy equipment that operates on the surface from day to day are safe from injuries and future down time on the job. We know time is money and believe that doing the job right the first time is the most productive way to operate.

Our company is not limited to only site preparation and stabilization, we also construct pipe racks for many pipe yards in the Houston area. We have been constructing pipe racks for 15 plus years and have only increased in experience and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a company that can construct pipe racks and guarantee the work for stability, then please contact us using the “Contact Us” page to set an appointment up with a member in our staff. A member of our construction team may show you blue prints on our pipe racks and explain the different styles or racks, options of materials and pricing. Contact us for a list of references and speak with one of our staff members on any other questions you may have. Visit our other pages for information about our  Texas heavy haul transportation services.

JG Civil Contractors offers many more services including demolition, house pads, concrete removal, land clearing, retention ponds, back hoe & dozer work and ditch & drainage installation. If interested in these or other services, please visit our “Services” page for more information.
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